Saturday, May 16, 2009

Going on Vacation! 20% Coupon!

Did I tell you all that I am going on vacation???? NO?? WHAT? I didn't???? That's because I didn't think it could really happen! Yep, even though my REALLY, REALLY good friend bought us tickets to England, I guess somewhere deep in my heart I didn't think it was going to happen... well guess what... IT IS!!! And I am officially freaking out! Seriously, you would think that I would be eternally grateful and thankful (which I AM!), but I am also really nervous about flying, leaving the kids, being out of my comfort zone for 10 days. I mean I don't usually leave the house on even a daily basis.. yeah I know that sounds lame.. but I have two small children and I have a small daycare with babies.. so.. it's not always easy for me to get out! So here I am trying to find ways to calm myself down and lean on the comfort that I know God is in complete control and I don't need to be worried.. but it's still hard.

I do have some good news to pass onto you all! Since I am going on vacation I have decided to put what's left on Laine's Babies up for a SALE! Yes, that's right, you can receive 20% off anything that I currently have for sale on my ecrater store site. Just go there and buy what you want using the VACA20 coupon code! You won't be disappointed I'm sure! Thanks to all of you!
This sale ends 5/22/09

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