Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Taggie Blanket

Another wonderful request! I was asked if I could make taggie toys.. I had never heard of such a thing, did my research and attempted an elephant ( I won't traumatize you with what I first came up with!) Then I made this sweet cuddly blanket. Isn't it cute?!
It is made of flannel on both sides. Front side being a blue and white checkered/gingham with ABC embroidery. The back is white with little blue flowers. There are a total of 15 ribbons in a variety of color and designs. Total size is 17x17". Ribbon has been triple stitched.

To be honest, I am suprised I had never heard of this before, it's simple adorable.. and babies love the little ribbons to chew on and play with, I think I might make one for my day care baby as a Christmas gift!

Princess Set

Someone found me and requested a whole princess set. I was so excited to work on this one because again it included items I hadn't tried before!
Here you can see I made a Princess Chef Hat, Princess Oven Mit (even my hand fits inside!), Princess Tea Towel, and of course the lovely Princess Apron (I did end up adding the ruffle, makes a nice extra touch!)
My daughter kept eyeing this set and was convinced it was for her! Poor dear.. I will have to be sure I make her something soon.... Oh I did already.. I will post that soon!


A Quilt is a Quilt?

My friend Julie gave me a project or two and I was at first a bit stumped about what to do with this one, however as it turns out it was another chance to push myself.
I have made a number of "baby" blankets, smaller and easy to handle. I have even attempted to quilt a smaller blanket before, however nothing compared to this. It is not quite a full, but certainly bigger than a twin. It took me over 6 hours to complete, which as a quilt would really be nothing I suppose. However I am not an expert quilter and I didn't know how I could "quilt" the inside.. so I attempted to do enough that would keep it together, and you know what! I think it turned out great! I hope and pray that the receiver does too! I was even able to make a pillow case for it as well!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Giveaway going on at Fontanfam.com

Did you know I had another site, it's my personal site... so don't be offended by what I really am like!
There is a Giveaway going on over there right now! So hurry up and leave your comments to enter in for a chance to win! www.fontanfam.com

From me to you!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Baby Hat- Chicago Bears

Remember I told ya'll that I made a car seat cover for my friend? Well since I had some left over fabric I made her wee one a little hat!
Nevermind my silly bear, isn't the hat adorable! And it's made with fleece, so you know his little head will be toasty warm!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Girls Aprons x3

I received an email request for coordinating aprons for 3 girls, two are twins. I was very excited about the order, she didn't have a special theme she was asking for and just wanted to make sure it was pink and purple (the girls favorite colors). It took me a while to find fabric that I liked, that wasn't just princess themed. I finally found something and this is what I did to combine all the fabrics, but making each unique and their own. Oh gosh I hope that they like them!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Car Seat Covers

I made a super cute car seat cover for my girlfriend Amy. She's just had a precious little boy and was looking for one with the face flap, which they couldn't find. So I offered to make her one. Let me just tell you that I was unprepared with what I was doing! I had no idea what the measurements would be and nothing to compare it to... for some reason I sold my infant car seat (why?)! So I called her up and asked her for the measurements, lenth and width of the car seat. Then I bought her husbands favorite sports team (Chicago Bears), fleece material and managed to put one together. My biggest fear was that I made it too small. I prayed and prayed that it would fit, (cause let me be honest, I hate making mistakes!) and guess what? To my complete surprise and excitement it fit! I wished I had a camera, but I didn't.. and so low and behold I am just using someone else's picture of their store bought car seat cover.

So if you are looking for something to cover your baby up with on those cold trips to the store or Grandma's house, ask me to special make you a car seat cover, cost is roughly $25.

And since I have some left over material I plan to make cute little hats for her boys, (hubby and sons!)


Did you know I was on Etsy as well? Yep, so if you have an account go take a look... I think you can view even if you're not a member!



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