Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Green and Purple Polka-Dot Apron

My friend Kristy asked for some aprons for her girls (she has 3, one of which is 6 months old). A would like to have a princess apron, perfect! M likes green! Not a typical color for a girl, but she has been close to this particular color since she was a wee one. I happen to really like it and was fortunate to have made a blanket for the newborn in green! Go Elaine! haha!

So I found this cute fabric at ... and decided it was perfect for M's apron. However, I have done something wrong with my apron design to where I realized after cutting it that I had once again made it too short and too wide!!! Duh, should have just turned it around.. but no, not me! Instead I have been coming up with new ways to make it different and lengthen the little mess. As you can see I added a ruffle with coordinating colors.

On top of that I decided to venture into figuring out how to make my fake Monograms! hahaha, (thanks Destri!) So I printed out their initials, cut it up (which took about an hour EACH!) and ironed it on. Looks nice, but I don't think I will do that part again! Way too much work for a pair of tired eyes. Regardless, I really like the turn out of M's apron and I hope she will too!

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