Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ladies Winter Event

This coming Monday, November 17th, marks the first public appearance for Laine's Babies. I am really excited and am hopefull for a good showing.

Last Spring I held a "Spring Event" for all my mommy vendor friends. It was a way for me to be helpful in gaining them some exposure and new clients. I have to admit, unfortunately, it didn't turn out quite as wonderful as I had hoped. None the less, I think they did gain a couple clients and I learned not to book such an event on a busy weekend such as VEISHA.

This time around I have carefully advertised our event through free local newspapers, flyers, online communities, word of mouth and community event calendars. I am hoping it pays off.

I have managed to put together a number of items for sale. My fear is that either no one will buy anything or I will have sold out of what little I have, so I am praying for the later. There is a huge time crunch to get everything together within 1/2 hour. This means I have to:
  • set up tables and chairs
  • set up my display
  • set out the road sign and balloons
  • set up the Christmas tree and decorations
  • get the beverages made up
  • run the Christmas DVD for the kids
  • figure out how to prop open the heavy doors!
  • help everyone else with their luggage?
Well all I can say is that before I wrote this I was calm... now I am a bit anxious, I wish I had Superman to help me out!

If you're in the area, drop in for a chance to win some awesome door prizes!


Destri Andorf said...

LOL... :D calm down.. it does look like a lot of list to do. I will try my best to help..

I'm planning to be there about a lil before 4, I think I have to bring Carissa leash.. yeah leash... :D OoooOO now I'm getting too excited about tomorrow..

I'll see you tomorrow...!!!

Jody said...

No pillows... Just wanted to let you know that Caelan loves her Tink pillow. It hasn't left her clutches since she woke from her nap this afternoon. She's sleeping with it now!


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