Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tinker Bell Travel Pillows

I found this fabric with Tinker Bell design in the scraps area of my local fabric shop. When I say scraps, I don't mean that they were a bunch of cut up pieces thrown aside, noooo, it was as if someone had it cut and then decided against it. Since it was adorable and they took 30% off the original price I bought it without knowing what to do with it.

The Tinker Bell fabric sat in my lovely pile of fabrics for a few weeks when it finally came to me to make cute children's pillows out of it. It's perfect for a pillow and I just happened to have matching fleece fabric for backing! I only had to pick up stuffing and bias tape for the border, purple! And look isn't it adorable! This pillow is by far my most popular item, too bad I only have 6 left, I might have to keep one for Caity!

I gave one to a friend for a review... you should read it and see her beautiful daughter! Visit Jody and take a look around while you're there, she even has a wonderful food site and travel site!

1 comment:

Jody said...

That pillow is with her every night! She loves it!

Putting up the review of the apron in just a few minutes!


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