Saturday, November 22, 2008

Princess Blanket and Apron redone

I had a request from a friend of mine. She asked me to make her a Princess blanket and Princess apron. I set out to find the perfect combination of the two and I believe she will NOT be disappointed!
Take a look at the Princess Blanket: It has all the famous princess' in their own little blocks. The backing is a soft purple fleece, perfect for those cold nights!
Matching Princess apron, which I remade from my original design.
It was the ruffle that made this task a challenge and triumph! I had tried to make a ruffle before but my thread broke as I tried pulling it through all 310 inches of fabric! This time I succeeded and it came out beautifully! So, as I was saying about the apron... I added the ruffle to it and voila, it's cute huh?!

Blanket measures 35x45 and apron fits 5/6T.

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