Thursday, November 13, 2008

Laine's Babies, who are we?

Laine's Babies was created by Elaine, a mother of two young children and wife to Michael (aka Superman). We live in Ames Iowa, a small college town that grows quiet during the summers.

Q. What's in the name 'Laine's Babies'?
A. My parents called me Laine (pronounced Laynee) when I was a little girl, sort of brings back some caring memories. Now that I am a mother and have been blessed to have babies I realize that no matter their age they will always be my babies, plus I just happen to adore babies.

Q. Where did you first learn to sew?
A. I took a brief class in high school and made a small bag. It was really my step-mum who gave me a sewing machine along with loads of material and supplies. I have her to thank for getting me started. I didn't actually begin to sew much till I had more interest in sewing for friends. I began with the basic blanket and since I like a good challenge I kept it up.

Q. How did Laine's Babies come about?
A. I gained a friend from, she happened to be the one that said "you can do this," and I believed her! Along with a few other good friends and their encouragment, I took the plunge into creating a store first, which wasn't really the right place to start, but it was a start!

Q. What have you learned about selling online?
A. I think anytime you are starting out, you must realize that it's not easy. I have put more money and time into this than what I have gained so far. It takes time, patience, and prayer to keep going, plus it helps to have some good resources! Online isn't the best place to start, word of mouth is- by far!

Q. What do you enjoy the most to make?
A. Anything really. If I've made something more that once I am already trying to figure out how to change it up, to make it new. I enjoy the challenge of creating something from nothing. I am currently trying to make Caity a dress, I've made her a nighty before, but this is different as she will wear it publicly... so it has to be perfect!

Q. How to do balance your sewing and mothering?
A. For the most part I keep all my sewing for when the children are sleeping. When I have a deadline, I will use "quiet time" for catching up. My busiest time was preparing for the ladies event, that was horrible. I had to lock myself up for days trying to finalize items. I was so thankful once the event was over with so I could spend quality time with my children again.

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